Thursday, March 26, 2009

Michigan crushes Ohio State again - on Wikirank

What: Wikirank, a trending tool that lists the most popular topics on Wikipedia and allows you to compare the traffic for different search terms (i.e. Michigan vs. Ohio State - The Michigan Wikipedia page is the clear winner (obviously) with 41, 493 page views in the past 30 days vs. only 1,666 PVs for Ohio State. Go Blue.)

DCF: Like Google Trends, Wikirank provides yet another place to find a snapshot of news and consumer topics of interest. While Wikipedia's audience is smaller than Google's (leading to less diverse trending information; 60.9 MM uniques for Wikimedia Foundation Sites vs. 148.9 MM for Google sites), I like the utility of Wikirank's homepage, which allows you to view both the most popular topics of the day and of the past 30 days. The Beatles, Watchmen, and Natasha Richardson are leading the past 30 days as of now, with the morbid topic of "Deaths in the 2009" ranking at #9.

You can also compare the Wikipedia traffic for several topics of interest (i.e. Michigan v. Ohio State), and then search for articles related to the topic on Google News, Twitter, and The New York Times with one click.

Check it out.


  1. This is going to keep me busy for awhile. Favorite comparison so far:,Bronx_High_School_of_Science

    Eat it TDas :)

  2. Another good one:,Queens