Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beyond the Google Map

What: A few interesting sites that have found a way to use Google Maps for niche interests, ranging from environmental concerns to travel to panoramic photography

DCF: The cool factor here varies by concept...

Flood Maps - View a map of the new coastline for sea level increases ranging from 1M - 14M. Scary.

Wines and Times - While this site leaves much desired from a design perspective, Wines and Times offers a robust listing of wineries across the United States, as well as their hours of operation.

Panedia - Scrolling panoramas of over 7,000 locations (defaulted to Australia - love it.) Similar to Street View, but a more smooth and visual experience.

mezzoman - Type in two addresses to get a suggestion of places to meet in the middle

Broadway2Day - See a map of Broadway shows filtered by date and genre...especially helpful for hunting down rush tickets!

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