Monday, March 23, 2009

Behold the Twitter Influencers

What: WeFollow - a user-powered Twitter directory exposing the most popular players in the "twitterverse" across different subject categories

DCF: Find and follow the Twitter influencers. Britney rules the celeb category. Ashton leads the actors. Predictably, Obama is at the head of the political bloggers, and CNN conquers the news rankings. Browse the # tags (pronounced "hash tags") on the right to search the top players in social media, blogs, travel, marketing, and more. The beauty of the hash tag system is that you can also add yourself to the WeFollow directory by "tweeting" up to three # tags to @wefollow. i.e. For my Twitter handle (@avh531), I could tweet: "@wefollow: #digital, #random, #cool" to be classified in the categories of "digital," "random," and "cool" in the directory.


  1. I feel like I'm back in Comp Sci class
    # include iostream.s

    Bad acid C++ flashbacks

  2. The WeFollow page is cool. I'm starting to see why Twitter may have some value, but I'm not sold yet. Keep working :)